Being the super handicapper that I am, I like to play a wager called the superfecta.  If you are a veteran of the racetrack you have surely heard of the wager, but if not allow me to explain. The superfecta is a wager in which you must correctly select the first four finishers of a horse race. If you can hit it, the superfecta almost always pays well. I’ve seen the superfecta wager pay over $200,000. Just like the exacta and trifeca wager, there are various types of superfectas. Lets take a look!

Straight Superfecta
- This is probably one of the hardest things to do in handicapping. Its hard enough to pick a winner, but figuring out who will finish second, third and fourth exactly is quite a task. An example of a straight superfecta would be playing a 3-4-7-1 in a given horse race. The horses would have to finish in that exact order for you to win.

Superfecta Box - Just like an exacta and trifecta, you can box the superfecta. Box means that all of the horses you use can finish in any of the spots for your wager.

Superfecta Wheel - To wheel means to use everyone in the race. Lets say you like Colonel John’s chances of winning the Travers, but your not quite sure who will run second, third, and fourth. You could use Colonel John first, and wheel the field second, third and fourth. While this will cost a lot of money, it could pay dividends if a long shot can run in the money.

Superfecta Part Wheel - So you are pretty sure Colonel John will win, but you also know Mambo In Seattle is improving. If you play a part wheel you can use both of those horses first, and include or leave out any of the other horses in the race first, second, third and fourth.

Dime Superfecta - This bet is just like any other superfecta. The only difference is that it is wagered for a dime instead of a dollar. This makes it easier to spread and get more coverage by using more horses. The 10 cent superfecta is a very popular bet.