Three is company and three is also the number of horses you must correctly select in order to win a trifecta when betting horses. Trifecta’s are much harder to hit, so they pay off at much better odds. I’ve seen a trifecta pay anywhere from $10 to over $30,000. If you have a good feeling about two or three horses in a race you can capitalize heavily from playing the trifecta. Lets take a look at the varying types of trifecta wagers.

Straight Trifecta
- This wager is “cold” which means you will have only one selection in each spot. For example, I selected the trifecta in the Bing Crosby straight. My selection was 1-4-3 which came in exactly as I thought it would. Lets take a look at a hypothetical situation. 12 horses will be competing in a race. You believe that horse 7 will win, horse 1 will run second, and horse 12 will finish third. Using these three numbers you would play a 7-1-12 straight trifecta.

Trifecta Box- If you box your wager any of the horses you use can finish first, second, or third. You can box as many horses as you want, but must use at least three for a trifecta. There is no limit to how many horses you box. For example, if you liked Big Brown, Eight Belles, Denis of Cork and Tale of Ekati in the Kentucky Derby, you could have boxed them in the trifecta. This would have allowed any of the four to finish in any of the top three spots.

Trifecta Wheel
- This is an expensive wager, but can pay off handsomely if you can get a long shot. If you wish to wheel a trifecta, you take everybody in one or more of the three spots. You can wheel a horse first, second or third.

Trifecta Part Wheel
- If you are able to narrow your choices down, then you want to play a trifecta part wheel. This wager allows you to throw out some horses, thus saving money. For example, you could have played a trifecta part wheel in the Kentucky Derby using Super Saver on top, Ice Box and Awesome Act for second and everyone for third.